Snare trap near Hippodrome results in death of a falcon: SPCA

The Montreal SPCA says a falcon brought in by a good samaritan had to be put down after it was found caught in a snare trap last month.

The trap was located near the Hippodrome, not far from the SPCA. Alanna Devine with the SPCA says there could be more traps nearby and that efforts are being made to find out who may be responsible for them. The traps could also pose a risk to cats and dogs should they were to discover them.

The falcon had suffered resperatory distress from getting caught in the trap on February 9th and the SPCA had to euthanize it.

According to the SPCA, two-thirds of animals caught in traps are unintended victims of the fur industry. It is also trying to determine whether the falcon falls under the federal Species at Risk Act.