Snoop Dogg coming to Montreal to talk about the business of weed

American rapper and well-known cannabis aficionado Snoop Dogg will be in Montreal this spring to address an international business conference.

Snoop is slated to be a featured speaker at the seventh edition of the C2 conference in May.

While Snoop Dogg earned his lasting fame as a rapper and producer, he's also been one of the first to jump onto the legal pot bandwagon as an entrepreneur. His company, Casa Verde Capital, invests in small marijuana-related startups.

He, along with business partner Ted Chung, will address the conference, and bring his "ideas and expertise" on all things pot, according to a statement from C2.

"Snoop Dogg, a.k.a. Calvin Broadus Jr., is on the leading edge of a broader, mainstream conversation about cannabis at a time when the legalization of marijuana is high on the legislative agenda of the Canadian government and several jurisdictions in U.S.," the statement reads. "He has also been the driving force behind a number of significant cannabis industry initiatives, especially early-stage investment in cannabis company startups."

The three-day conference is due to be held at Griffintown's Arsenal Montreal from May 23 to 25.