Some environmental groups argue the proposed light rail project must forge ahead

Some high profile environmental groups are coming out in favour of the proposed light rail project - but with certain suggestions to make it more efficient and palatable to opponents.

Équiterre, the Fondation David Suzuki and Vivre en Ville say the light rail project is not the end all-be all solution to solve all public transit problems but they say it has to be built to help alleviate those problems, citing the ballooning costs of traffic and related pollution problems. The groups argue that saying no to the light rail project would be like saying no to building the metro.

The groups say they're not suggesting writing a blank cheque to the Caisse de dépôt which is piloting the project but they argue the Quebec government has to step up to make sure it gets done right and to help integrate it into a more global, properly financed public transit plan. 

The groups suggest other measures to help mitigate urban sprawl such as protecting wetlands and agricultural land notably around the proposed terminus in South Shore Brossard and a detailed study on the potential problem in the West Island leg of the project. They also want the Caisse to clarify how the costs of the project will be shared among the different levels of government, the Caisse and users.