Some Hydro bills see 50 cent decrease this year but still no refund for alleged overbilling

Hydro is sending out flyers boasting about a rate decrease for some households. But it has nothing to do with the refund some customers are clamouring for in connection with the recent overbilling controversy.

Certain households - mostly low income earners and apartment dwellers - will be charged a lower rate for an additional 3 kWh a day.  Spokesman Marc-Antoine Pouliot said it works out to a savings of about 50 cents for the year  - so more basic lighting and other electricity needs for less money.

Pouliot admitted it may not sound like a lot but it's a first step.

"We did the maximum we could do for this year so we raise the first year to 30 kWh but it is a first step and during the next year, we will reach 40 kWh," said Pouliot in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Pouliot added Hydro rates are among the lowest in North America and they have other programs to help low income households with their Hydro bill.

Pouliot said this is not related to the alleged overbilling controversy that they argue were simply expenses that weren't paid out and extra unforeseen earnings.

"We understand some clients might say we would like to have a cheque sent at our personal address but it came back to them in the services that government give them each day like schools and hospitals," said Pouliot.

"It came back with the government with the public service so money came back to Quebeckers."

The new Hydro rate takes effect this month.