Some power won't be restored until Thursday: Hydro-Quebec

When the clock hit 12:00 A.M. Wednesday there were 131,251 customers still without electricity. Five hours later that number had been reduced to 111,136. 

With crews working around the clock to restore power to those affected by massive outages Hydro-Quebec admits some won't see their lights and heat turned back on until Thursday.

"Given the very high number of outages and incidents of damage to the power system, service restoration times have been removed from the Power Outages app," the utility said in a statement. "Hydro-Québec expects to restore power to the vast majority of its customers by Wednesday morning. However, the current weather is making restoration efforts difficult. As a result, the most severely affected areas might only see their service restored Thursday."

Without power some schools and school boards were forced to cancel classes Wednesday. A full list is available on the CJAD800 Stormwatch page.

The total numbers of current outages is available below.

Emergency shelters have been setup to help those who have now spent two nights without electricity.

In Laval those looking for warmth can go to two locations:

Centre communautaire Accès (6500, boul. Arthur-Sauvé, à Laval-Ouest)
Centre communautaire de Lausanne (455, rue de Lausanne, à Vimont) 

"Come here, you can spend the night here, be here for just an hour or two," said Karyne Blanchette, one of the organizers of Laval's shelters. "Take a hot shower, go play with the kids and just socialize with people."

"It's free and is here for anyone who needs it."

For those who decide to stay home and tough it out, officials are warning against using unconventional heat sources to keep warm.

In Laval emergency responders have had to deal with some incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning. In one case a family of four was hospitalized after they used a charcoal barbecue inside their home. They managed to call for help before being overcome by the fumes. 

In a separate incident, one man was taken to hospital after he was found unconscious in his home. Officials said his home had become filled with toxic fumes from the exhaust of his generator which had been placed too close to the building.

In order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning officials recommend keeping generators at least 10 feet away from your home.