Some snow, lots of freezing rain coming for Montreal this weekend

It looks as though this weekend's Spring Snowmageddon won't be as harsh as had been predicted earlier in the week — but there could be a lot more freezing rain than we thought.

And conditions for back-to-work Monday could be messy, and even hazardous.

A Colorado low-pressure system is making its way up to southwestern Quebec, bringing plenty of moisture and temperatures that will be hovering around the freezing mark right through the weekend and into Monday.

Between Friday night and Sunday we're expecting to see rain and snow, off and on, with temperatures running just below freezing.

By late in the afternoon and early evening on Sunday, however, it appears likely we'll see some snow, possibly mixing in with ice pellets, and then a "significant amount" of freezing rain, beginning on Sunday night, which could last right through the day on Monday — again, with temperatures throughout hovering at or just below the freezing mark.

Regions to the north, however, can expect to see a bit more snow than Montreal will.

All told, Montreal could see anywhere from 2 to 10 centimetres of snow and ice pellets from this system, but as much as 25 millimetres of freezing rain over a period that could last as long as 24 hours — enough to make roads and sidewalks treacherous, and enough to cause downed tree branches and power outages.

By Tuesday, temperatures will begin their slow climb back to normal values — the forecast is calling for rain and a high of 6 degrees.

By next weekend, we're expecting the kinds of double-digit highs we would normally expect for this time of year.