SPCA blames city website info for confusion about pit bull registration deadline

The Montreal SPCA is blaming confusing city documents for the panic experienced by some owners of pitbull-type dogs who think they've run out of time to register their pets.  

CJAD's Andrew Carter spoke this morning to Alanna Devine, Director of Animal Advocacy at the Montreal SPCA.  

She says conflicting information in documents on the City of Montreal website do not make clear that dog owners have until the end of March to start the registration process.

"People should call 3-1-1 and speak to borough officials," she advises confused dog owners.

Devine also says the SPCA will continue to fight the city's by-law.

"We've got court dates in April and then we'll find out when our trial dates are.  We're still going forward in challenging this unjust, discriminatory and unfair legislation," she says.

Devine adds that the SPCA has not noticed any increase in pitbull owners abandoning their dogs as the registration deadline approaches.