Spring floods 2017: Pierrefonds-Roxboro flood victim looks back

A year ago this weekend, some residents of Pierrefonds-Roxboro would begin a long battle against Mother Nature and government bureaucracy.

For many, it marks the one year anniversary of the historic flooding that swept several municipalities in the province.

"May 6 was kind of like a battle for all of us," said Itsik Romano.

Romano said he and his neighbours on des Maçons Street kept calling the borough earlier for help as they noticed the rising water levels around them.

He said they finally got some help that night: a city truck dumping off sand and empty sandbags.

"Which made it very, very  difficult for people to try to save their house while filling up sandbags," Romano told CJAD 800 News.

The next morning came as a shock.

"Every single basement that I saw from the window was filled with water," Romano told CJAD 800 News.

"We lost the battle at that point."

Pierrefonds - Itsik Romano

Itsik Romano

Romano said he went downstairs and saw that his "garage was filled with water and also the first floor."

Romano got rubber boots for himself, his wife and four young sons and they packed up and left.

"It was very traumatic, especially for my kids. My wife was pregnant at the time and we had a two-year-old baby at the time," said Romano.

They stayed with friends and only returned to their home a month later but they were restricted to the first floor for several months until everything was fixed, all the while waiting for government funding. 

Pierrefonds - Itsik Romano

Itsik Romano

"Very, very frustrating dealing with bureaucracy and a lot of red tape," said Romano.

"At any point where we involve the city and the government in terms of helping us out, it became to me more chaotic."

Romano only just finished his home renovations.

"To know that 11 months we went suffering through this, is very hard," said Romano.

"Right now I think (the city and the government) are going to be more prepared, I hope so, but we had to go through these frustrating moments."

Pierrefonds - Itsik Romano

Itsik Romano