Spring floods: class action lawsuit may be in the works

There's a potential class action lawsuit brewing against the borough of Île Bizard-Ste Geneviève for alleged mismanagement and negligence leading to flooded homes.

The lawsuit request is being organized by Pierrefonds-Roxboro resident Robert Idsinga who told CJAD 800 he wanted to help flood victims based on his own observations while volunteering during the crisis.

Île Mercier resident Sonia Brown said she is interested in a possible class action lawsuit. She said she's been out of her flooded home for 22 days now with no news about when she can return or when she can cross the closed bridge.

"I think it's a lack of communication on the mayor's part," Brown said in an interview with CJAD 800.

The class action motion alleges, among other things, that poor decisions led to homes being flooded in low to middle income areas such as the trailer park and Joly Street. Brown said she's thought about that too.

"As a homeowner, yes, I have a home there but there's a lot of people who live in these chalets - are they trying to get rid of us?" said Brown.

"And if they are, and I said to the mayor, Buy me out. Buy me out. Give me my compensation. Why did you give me a permit to rebuild? This should have been a very big no-no on his part."

Idsinga said he and a lawyer are now collecting names and information and can't give an estimate for now on the possible number of plaintiffs or amount of damages.