Spring is coming — just hold on for a little while longer

We're well into the month of March — when Montrealers start to feel a stubborn sense of entitlement to warmer weather than we've seen the rest of the winter.

Environment Canada says the warmer weather is coming — but first, we may have to deal with another significant snowfall.

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to climb up above the freezing mark, but we'll see some precipitation — about 10-15 centimetres of snow, if all of it falls as snow. But there is a chance that rain and freezing rain could cut into that snow total.

In the early part of next week, temperatures are expected to hover around normal values — highs of around 1°C during the day, with bright sunshine, and overnight lows around -9°C.

After that, another system is expected to sneak into southwestern Quebec, bringing more warm air, and some rain.

And, in case you're wondering — the early long-range forecast for St. Patrick's parade day, according to the Weather Network, shows bright sunshine and a high of -2°C.

Winter started early

Perhaps the perception that this is one of the longest, coldest winters we've ever had here in Montreal is just that — perception.

After all, it started very early, with an 11-centimetre snowfall on Nov. 16, followed by a record cold snap a few days later. And then came the endless freeze-thaw cycles.

The weather office says from November, December, January and February, the average temperature was -6.3°C — a little over a full degree colder than normal. That's far from being a record.

On the other hand, you won't be surprised to learn we got more rain than normal — 72 per cent more rain during that period, while we also got 36 more centimetres of snow.