SQ moves annual Hells Angels gathering

The Hells Angels are holding their big national party in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu this weekend, but it looks as though the party will be a "dry" one. The biker organization was refused a liquor license for the 300 person event. 

The "Canada Run" is the Hells' event that gathers members from across Canada and is billed as a demonstration of strength, which tries to beef up its presence with so-called "brothers" from several provinces in attendance. 

The Sûreté du Québec wasn't having any of it and intervened, forcing a hearing on Monday in front of the Liquor Control Board. 

La Presse reports that three members in good standing of the gang appeared at the hearing, including Robert Lecompte, Gaétan Brisebois and Dean Moore. 

In front of the Board, Mr. Moore acknowledged that the property where the event is to take place serves as a popular haunt for the south-section of the Hells Angels. Additional evidence indicated that the "party between families and friends" was actually a gathering of criminal bikers.