SQ officer suspended without pay for beating up presumed criminal biker gang boss

An SQ officer has been suspended without pay for 60 days for beating up the alleged boss of the Rock Machine criminal biker gang.

The Quebec police ethics committee ruled that Bruno Landry violated the code of ethics by assaulting Jean-François Émard.

Landry had pleaded guilty in June 2016 to assault. He was sentenced to an absolute discharge a few months later, which means no criminal record for the 34-year-old officer.

The incident happened in October 2014 - Émard had just been arrested on a drug possession charge. 

Émard had taunted and insulted Landry while they were in the jail cell, going so far as to criticize his manhood and his relationship with his girlfriend who, at the time, was leaving him for another man.

That pushed Landry over the edge and led to the seven second beating that was caught on surveillance cameras. Émard was not handcuffed at the time.

The judge took into consideration that Landry was already dealing with work-related trauma including the death of a colleague during a road accident.

Landry had been on the job for 3 1/2 years at the time.