SQ to investigate SPVM

The head of the Montreal police department has called his provincial counterpart, asking the Sûreté du Québec to review some of the SPVM's Internal Affairs investigations.

The request was made following an investigative report by TVA, which featured three former SPVM officers claiming Internal Affairs had fabricated evidence against them as they were about unveil their own cases of corruption within the department.

Jimmy Cacchione and Giovanni Di Feo said they discovered the problems in 2012, but while they were conducting their own investigations they were being spied on. 

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had wiretapped the officers phones after investigators with Montreal police believed the pair was in contact with alleged criminals.

Cacchione and Di Feo were suspended in June 2013, and in 2014 the officers and SPVM came to a mutual agreement ending their jobs on the force.

The officers say to this day they still do not know what evidence had been gathered against them to warrant their dismissal, but believe, after review certain documents, the internal affairs division created evidence to derail their own investigations of internal corruption.

A third former officer, Roger Larivière, gave the show a similar account, claiming he was targeted by internal affairs after he found evidence the division was not properly doing its job.

Following the report, reaction was unanimous, many officials calling for an investigation into the claims. 

Mayor Denis Coderre said in a trio of Tweets the report is troubling and he has spoken with Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux and both agreed a new is needed to shed light on the serious accusations.

Coderre said Pichet's actions following the report were reassuring and he has his full support.

Coiteux confirmed the SQ would be handling the matter and not the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI), telling the Parti Quebecois' Pascal Berube who asked the Minister why the BEI is not handling the investigation, the province's independent investigation bureau is specialized is better suited for cases involving police injuring or causing the death of a citizen.