St. Laurent neighbourhood dealing with on-again, off-again street lamps

A St. Laurent neighbourhood has been dealing with on-again, off-again street lamps and at least one resident says it could become a dangerous situation at night.

"For four days straight at the end of May, the streetlights were off during the night," said Bruno Stenson, adding this came after several days when the lights were on all day and all night.

"When the street lamps are off at night, it's very, very dark," said Stenson, who contacted

"And that`s just an invitation for criminals to increase their activity in the neighbourhood or for cars to drive by without their lights on and run over people."

Stenson lives in the Wartime Housing part of St. Laurent near O'Brien and Henri-Bourassa: clusters of bungalows built in the '40s - and many very leafy trees, resulting in very little light at night when the street lamps are off.

He said the last straw came when his neigbour saw a car without headlights driving past on the darkened street.

Stenson said he couldn't get any help or straight answers from the borough or Hydro-Quebec.

"The city and Hydro-Quebec have been tossing the ball back and forth," said Stenson.

Hydro and the borough tell CJAD 800 that the electrical system is at the end of its life and so fragile that any weird weather can disrupt the lines and fuses. Any repairs can also be shortlived.

A borough spokesman tried to reassure residents about the cost of keeping the lights on 24/7, saying they don't pay for the cost of the electricity but for the maintenance and operation of the streetlamps.

Both parties say they're working on replacements, the work to continue this fall and into next year. They've already replaced 700 street lamps with 1400 to go.


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