Still pushing to have "offensive" Old Montreal plaque changed

The Bank of Montreal said a plaque in Old Montreal will be changed, but other parties, like the Quebec government, are involved in the decision.

A Kahnawake history teacher is going public, saying it offends Canada’s Indigenous people.

The plaque's in front of the bank's outlet on Place D’Armes.

It honours the memory of Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal and says near the site is where de Maisonneuve killed an Iroquois chief with his own hands.

Michael Rice told CTV he first brought up the issue decades ago and again last year, during Montreal's big anniversary.

"I figured it would be changed, then, seeing the 375th celebrations with Denis Coderre and many Native leaders, I figured ‘My God, 28 years, you still can’t change this plaque", said Rice.

Banks officials said the decision to make changes involves other parties, such as the Quebec government.

Rice adds he wants a second plaque giving the Iroquois account of history.