STM, AMT, and STL face possible class action lawsuit for discrimination against the disabled

People with disabilities in Quebec are fed up with waiting for the metro, train, and bus lines to be made accessible so they're hoping to launch a class action lawsuit to expedite things.

"We are supposed to be protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms but we see that we are not," says activist Linda Gauthier with RAPLIQ. "That's why we're suing them for discrimination."

Gauthier would like to represent 20,000 people with disabilities who don't have access to most of the Montreal metro, AMT train, or Laval transit systems.

"Hopefully the court will order that the STM and the amt stop talking about accessibility," says lawyer Gilles Gareau. "What we want is to see it come true."

They're asking for $75,000 in damages for each person excluded by the current infrastructure. 

"We don't want to have the money," says Gautheir. "It's only to force them you know to negotiate."

She says though the far flung promise of full accessibility by 2038 is better than nothing, she doubts the STM will hit that target on time.