STM delays leading to unfair punishment for students: parents

More and more parents say their children's late arrival in school because of problems with Montreal public transit has led to unfair punishment. 

Several Montreal schools warn late buses or traffic congestion are not acceptable excuses for failing to show up in class on time.

One mother tells the Gazette her son was late Friday because the bus didn't come and was banned from class.

Katrin Dinkel's son roamed the hallways of St-Luc High School in NDG until he could contact his mother so she could speak with school oficials.

Westmount High School recently sent parents a letter saying harsh winter conditions have hampered students efforts because "city buses are either late or so full they pass their stops without picking up new passengers."

The school is reported saying it'll no longer excuse late arrivals, suggesting an earlier departure for students and that arriving late will lead to a detention. 

The newspaper says Westmount high school has lobbied the STM for more buses, suggesting parents should follow suit.

For its part, the STM is reported saying it has told customers it's been an usually difficult winter.