STM gets record number of complaints about bus and metro service

If you complained to the STM last year about bus and metro service, you weren't alone. 

The STM received almost 27,500 complaints last year, a 25% increase over the past five years.

The number of metro complaints more than doubled, for a total of 735.

But it was bus users who griped the most, totalling 83% of complaints. Half of those were related to the service they received.

STM chairman Philippe Schnobb blames part of that on buses getting stuck in traffic.

"You have a lot of roadwork in the city," said Schnobb.

Schnobb also points to the recent metro breakdowns and last fall's one day wildcat strike at the Anjou bus depot.

"Those few weeks made things very hard for customers and we took action to make sure we can control (matters)," said Schnobb.

Schnobb said 2016 was actually going well before these recent events.

"Before that, 2016 was a very, very good year on matters of complaints and problems in the metro," said Schnobb.

The STM said it's also easier and faster to lodge a complaint what with social media such as Twitter.