STM looking to create new app combining all forms of transit

Later this year, the STM plans to test a new, integrated transit app which will be bring several forms of transportation — including bus and metro, Bixi bikes, taxis and car-share services.

The STM's president Philippe Schnobb made the announcement this past Tuesday in a lunchtime speech before Montreal's Chamber of Commerce. Schnobb says the single app — whose working title is Céleste — would make it easier for those using multiple services to get around.

"On my personal phone, I have the transit app, I have my account with Bixi, with Communauto, with Car2Go. I have Téo Taxi, I have another taxi company's app...I have every app, and I have to go from one to another," Schnobb says. "What were are suggesting is to bring every player together and create a system, a platform, where we will provide a service for all the sustainable mobility players. You would subscribe to one would receive one bill at the end of the month."

Other transit apps exist, including Chrono, run by the ARTM regional transit authority, which brings together schedules for Montreal, Laval and Longueuil buses, metros, and commuter trains. Another developed-in-Montreal app, called Transit, brings together public transit services, along with information on nearby car- and bike-sharing services.

This new app, Schnobb says, would tie all of it together.

For the past year, Schnobb says the STM has been talking with other transit partners, both public and private — Bixi, Communauto, Téo Taxi and Netlift, among others — with a view toward getting the integrated app off the ground, and so far, he says, the idea is being received enthusiastically by all the main players.

If all goes well, Céleste will be launched as a pilot project this fall.