Stop misusing accessible parking spots: Montreal police launch awareness blitz

Montreal police are asking you to think twice before parking in that reserved disabled parking spot if you don't have the proper permit - or else risk getting a hefty fine.

Police are conducting their first ever ticketing and awareness blitz aimed at preventing motorists from illegally parking in spaces reserved for the disabled on the street and in shopping malls.

The event is similar to their seat belt awareness and drunk driving prevention campaigns.

They are being helped by Moelle épinière et motricité Québec, a local advocacy group for people living with disabilities.

Police say among the most common misconceptions: that motorists can use someone else's permit to park. They also encounter motorists who are using the parking permits of deceased family members.

Last year, Montreal police handed out about 3000 tickets to motorists for parking illegally in a space reserved for the disabled. The fine is $313, about double what it used to be.