Striking a balance between condo towers and business in Chinatown

There's a petition circulating asking the city of Montreal for a moratorium on development projects in Chinatown until they come up with a proper plan.

"RIght now we don't know if there is any development plan," said lawyer May Chiu who is spearheading the petition on behalf of a group called Progressive Chinese of Quebec.

"We know that there are condos going up left, right and center. Chinatown along St. Laurent is, at the very least, a cultural heritage site. There are many cultural heritage buildings in Chinatown and we want to make sure that it's protected."

Meantime another group representing merchants is calling for a business plan to attract investment and don't want a moratorium.


Shuyee Lee/CJAD 800

Chiu said she's meeting at the beginning of the month with city officials who have said they are open to discussion. 

"We want some greenspace, we don't want Chinatown for example to be just full of condos and nothing else. We want to make sure that there's spaces for cultural organizations and artists to perform their art and exhibit their works," Chiu told CJAD 800.

"We're not against people having condos and living in condos in Chinatown but we think there should be an equilibrium in terms of development."