Suanne Stein Day resigns as Lester B. Pearson board chair

The head of the Lester B. Pearson school board since 2011 is resigning as the board's chair.

Suanne Stein Day took a leave of absence from the job in April. 

Last year, she admitted to violating the board's code of ethics on at least three separate occasions, though she denied any wrongdoing.

In December 2015, more than a dozen board staff members accused her of making "slanderous and libellous remarks [that] range from criminal allegations in terms of misappropriation of funds and embezzlement to salacious claims of respected members participating in sexual affairs."

The letter the group had signed also accused Stein Day of "assassinating the characters of some of the most senior level members of the school board and pillars of the LBPSB community," and of spreading "gossip" and "lies" to "outsiders across the province with no offer of proof to back up her claims."

Vice chair Noel Burke took over the job when Stein Day stepped aside in April. He'll stay on as interim chair until a permanent one is chosen.