Survivor of acid attack lends support to Quebec City woman allegedly set on fire by her ex-husband


When Tanya St-Arnauld heard about the Quebec woman who was allegedly set on fire by her ex-husband Friday night in Quebec City, she couldn't believe it.

"It was like going through hell again through her story," said St-Arnauld.

"It took me back seven years ago."

St-Arnauld said the Quebec City attack brought back painful memories of her boyfriend spraying her with a household cleaning product containing acid during a heated argument.

"I could only know what they're feeling, a glimpse of what they're feeling. It's terrible," St-Arnauld told the Natasha Hall Show on CJAD 800.

St-Arnauld had to go through multiple surgeries, medical procedures and rehab so she knows what the Quebec City victim may have to endure.

"I would tell her to hang on and to hang on to what's positive, what she has positive, her family, the love for her kids, and to just concentrate on that," she said.

Nikolas Stefanatos pleaded guilty to the attack on St-Arnauld. With time in preventive custody, he had 16 months left in a 57-month sentence. He was released on parole in 2015.

In 2013, St-Arnauld appeared on "Anderson Live" in New York City, where she received the news that a Florida-based dermatologist would fly her down for laser surgery to treat her scars.

St-Arnauld said it was that type of support and caring that will be crucial for the victim's road to recovery.

St-Arnauld has set up a GoFundMe page to help her in the aftermath.

"If I could get the message across that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and she has to hang on in any way possible," said St-Arnauld.

"It's going to give her maybe a tad of a break, a hope, her mom as well, her young kids who were present. It's going to give her a ray of hope. I would hope so."