Suspect in 2010 SAQ shooting in Baie D'Urfe in hospital

A shooting in an SAQ outlet in Baie d'Urfe in 2010 is back in the news because the prime suspect was shot in a confrontation with police last week.  

Police had been dispatched to a bar at the corner of Saint Catherine Street and Saint Lawrence Boulevard downtown to deal with a closing time altercation.  When they arrived, the patrol officers came under fire.  They returned fire and a 24-year old man was struck by several bullets.  He remains in critical condition in hospital.  

La Presse reports that the man has a long history of violent offenses and, as a teenager, was suspected in the liquor store shooting in Baie D'Urfe but was never charged.  

In that case, a female clerk working alone was confronted by two men and ordered to kneel.  She was shot in the back of the neck and left for dead.  She survived but was left paralysed.  She died in 2015 of complications from her injuries, which is why the unsolved crime was upgraded from an attempted murder to a homicide.

Some investigators are complaining that they could have taken the man off the streets months before December's shoot out with patrol officers but they but could  not get the go-ahead from their superiors to investigate him as a suspect in a drive-by shooting downtown in March.  They blame a lack of money and resources within the force.