Suspect in pitbull attack on Brossard girl wants to stay behind bars

A twist in the case of a man accused in a pitbull attack on a little girl in a Brossard park in 2015.

The suspect, 34-year-old Karim Jean-Gilles, told the judge today he wants to stay behind bars, while his case makes its way through the justice system. 

Jean-Gilles was arrested at his Brossard home last week. He allegedly attacked a bailiff who came to serve him a summons on Thursday morning, and then allegedly attacked two police officers who showed up a short time later.

He was charged with criminal negligence in connection with the pit bull attack last November, but failed to show up for a scheduled court appearance later that month.

His court appearance in Longueuil on Monday was pertaining to the alleged assaults. Jean-Gilles is due to return to court in connection with the pit bull incident on Feb. 17.

8-year-old Vanessa Biron was attacked in a Brossard park in September 2015. The dog's fangs actually punctured her skull and crushed her jaw. She spent seven hours in surgery, and is still recovering.