Tax pro: get organized and don't overlook donations, childcare expenses

There are just a few weeks left to file your income taxes - the deadline is April 30.  

One Montreal tax pro is reminding you that even if you don't owe, it pays to file. 

TurboTax's Quebec marketing and researcher director Marie-Paul Sardi says even retired people and those with low incomes who figure they don't owe the taxman any money should file, and carefully.

"They're probably missing out on credits or government allocations that they could receive, like the solidarity credit, the child care amounts," she says.

She says there is no getting around the importance of getting organized by collecting all receipts and expense statements before you sit down to do your taxes.

Sardi also advised people to keep track of any expenses they rack up while working side gigs. 

"We know that about 9-percent of Quebecers have side gigs, and they forget expenses like mileage or representation of meals," she notes.

Among the most commonly overlooked deductions, Sardi points to charitable donations.

"People forget they've made a donation earlier on in the year," she says.  "They've gotten the receipt through email for example, and they just didn't print it, didn't put it aside."

Sardi says child care expenses, including after-school care, are another overlooked deduction.  

The TurboTax executive says no matter whether you owe or are expecting a refund, it pays to file on time.

And she notes that only about 4% of Canadians ever get audited - and it's at random, not connected to how early or last minute you file.