Teacher suspended for biting, pulling the hair of female colleagues


A teacher with the Lester B. Pearson school board reportedly tried, and failed, to contest a 20-day suspension he received for biting and pulling the hair of two of his female colleagues.

The Journal de Montréal reports Gary Lindner, who had been employed at Verdun's Beurling Academy, was given the suspension for a series of incidents which took place on Sept. 22, 2016. 

According to the judgment from a disciplinary panel, on that day, he entered a teachers' lounge and went up to a female colleague who was engaged in conversation with some of their other colleagues. He apparently placed his hands around the back of the woman's neck and bit the hair off the top of the woman's head. The judgment notes the woman "felt saliva on her head" and "was in a state of shock". At the end of the day, he and the female teacher crossed paths once again. He embraced her and when she pulled away and walked to her car, Lindner supposedly asked her where she was going, and if she was married.

Back in the teachers' lounge, a few moments after the biting incident, he pulled another female teacher's hair, and asked her if she liked it. The judgment noted that Lindner had sent her non-work-related emails in the past.

At his disciplinary hearing, Lindner insisted there was nothing sexual about his actions; that they were just clumsy attempts at jokes.

The suspension came down in April of this year, and the Journal reports his union tried, without success, to have it overturned.