Teen facing charge in threat against Laval high school

A teenage boy is now facing charges in connection with a scare at Laval Senior Academy last week.  He has already been arraigned in Youth Court on a charge of uttering threats.  

Laval police say he is not a student at the school.

Rumours of a threat against the high school began to circulate late last Wednesday after someone posted online that they'd overheard a conversation involving a mention of violence.  

When school officials caught wind of the rumour, they called in police, who launched an overnight investigation and some surveillance of homes.  The teenage boy was arrested shortly before eight o'clock on Thursday morning.  

At the same time, police posted officers to the school, nearby Laval Junior Academy and the municipal buses which carry students during the morning rush hour.  

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board later posted a message calling the threat a prank which got out of hand.