Tensions grow within PQ ranks over applying Bill 101 to CEGEPs

The Journal de Montreal is reporting that elements within the Parti Québécois are trying to pressure the party's leader, Jean-François Lisée, to commit to applying Bill 101's regulations to CEGEPs in Quebec.  Around 30 PQ riding associations recently passed motions endorsing that idea, despite firm opposition from Lisée, who considers the issue too controversial.

Advocates of the idea say adding CEGEPs to the list of organizations that Bill 101 regulates will help protect the French language, as more and more francophone students flock to English-language CEGEPs over French-language institutions.

Resolutions adopted by riding associations will be debated this weekend in regional conventions.  If the idea is endorsed, the issue will be sent to the PQ's party convention, to be held in September. There, the party will debate and ratify their platform for next year's provincial election.