Teo Taxi owes wages to drivers

Drivers of Teo Taxi are waiting to get paid after the company ceased its operations.

Over 50 drivers received a letter from the company, telling them to apply for the federal Wage Earners Protection Program — which provides outstanding payments to employees whose employers become bankrupt.

Some drivers say they can't afford to wait the four to six weeks it would take for the federal government to process and pay them.

"It puts me in a difficult situation," former driver Jamie Perzow told CTV Montreal.

He was expecting to be paid on Friday, "I was told by several supervisors that it was not going to be a problem, certainly since the day they ceased all activities and even before that."

The company employed 454 taxi drivers.

Stéphane Lacroix, Teamsters Canada Union spokesperson, told CTV Montreal that, "the situation is pretty bad."

Quebecor President and CEO, Pierre Karl Péladeau confirmed his interest in Teo Taxi, and that he may step in to restart the insolvent electric transportation provider.

No plan has been confirmed.

“We learned yesterday through the trustee who is involved in this file that the drivers won’t be paid by Teo Taxi. So, no severance pay, no vacation pay, nothing. There’s no money left in the bank account," Lacroix added.

Taxelco is the parent company of Teo Taxi. 

A court filing shows they are in debt to the tune of $25 million.

Taxelco also owns Teo Techno, Taxi Diamond, and Taxi Hochelaga.

Lacroix said the union is working on helping drivers find new jobs and will be meeting with them in the upcoming week.

"We got some phone calls from trucking companies looking for people, so we’re going to connect those people together and they’ll be talking to each other. Hopefully, they will find a job as soon as possible," he said.

- With files from CTV Montreal.