Testing underway on Quebec-made device to combat sleepy driving

A Université Laval researcher and a tech company are teaming up to fight fatigue behind the wheel, a phenomenon blamed for dozens of deaths and thousands of injuries each year in Quebec.  

The device uses blue light - the same blue light that is blamed for keeping you awake after you play with your smartphone just before bedtime.  

This device  is called the Bluewake, and it resembles a smartphone but it displays an all-blue screen.  It attaches to a vehicle's dashboard the same way a cellphone or GPS device would be attached.

The intensity of the light varies depending on how dark it is outside, and takes into account that human pupils adjust constantly to changing light conditions.  

Bluewake is based on the research of Professor Marc Hébert of Université Laval. 

The developer, Chronophotonix, says half an hour of exposure to the Bluewake produces two hours of wakefulness.  

La Presse reports the Bluewake is in the testing phase now, and three companies whose workers drive vehicles or heavy equipment at night have been recruited.