That's not where a stop sign should be

Either someone was having a little fun or the town of Sept-Îles was really prepared for the incredible amounts of snow it has seen this winter.

The photo of the above stop sign, sitting on top of a snow hill more than a dozen feet tall, made the rounds on social media recently. Many who saw it had a good laugh while others were wondering if it was put there by crews who didn't want to clear away all that snow (over 100cm last month alone).

Turns out it was one or more pranksters.

The City had to replace a damaged stop sign with a temporary solution. It was originally placed in the middle of the road on Friday afternoon. By Saturday morning it had been moved to the top of the hill.

The city released a statement on social media saying it is forbidden to move any road signs, regardless of how many likes the funny photo may get. 

"Whoever it was who had fun moving the stop sign certainly did not think that the joke could have had adverse or even serious consequences," the City said.

As the Facebook photo was being shared among residents it was seen by city officials who had it returned to its original location immediately. 

Crews added a cement base to ensure no one tried any funny business again.