The Canada Revenue Agency scam is still out there, and the scammers are getting bolder

The RCMP is reminding Canadians that the infamous Canada Revenue Agency phone scam is still very much out there, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The Mounties issued a news release on Tuesday, outlining a relatively new tactic being used by the scammers — they're posing as police officers, and demanding a money transfer for money supposedly owed in taxes, or the victims would face arrest.

They also say they've become bolder and more aggressive in their dealings with their victims, using stern language to threaten them. 

The Mounties suggest the best thing Canadians can do is to make sure their friends and neighbors know about the scam, which has been around for about four years now.

"Apparently, the message is not getting around to enough people, because unfortunately, people still fall for the scam," the RCMP's Sgt. Penny Hermann says. "So we really would like people to talk about it."

And if you have any concerns about the legitimacy of a phone call, she says look up the number and try and call them yourself.

"What we tell people is if they ever get a call like that, if they have any concerns, they should look up the number for the CRA, the Canada Reenue Agency, themselves, and contact the Canada Revenue Agency to see if they had indeed called them," Hermann said.