The downtown SQDC store ran out of pot — then it got some more

The Société Québécoise du Cannabis still has stuff to sell — at least for now.

On Wednesday morning, exactly a week after pot became legal in Canada, dozens of people once again formed outside the downtown SQDC outlet on Ste. Catherine St. W., between Metcalfe and Mansfield Sts. — only to be told by an SQDC employee that they were clean out of stock.

"I came yesterday afternoon, and got in, they had nothing," Declan Gray told CJAD 800 News. "I came this morning...they didn't have even one thing this morning."

At the 10 a.m. open, the only products that were left were those with no, or relatively little, THC content, leaving Gray and others to consider returning to their old dealers.

"Everyone I know is just buying weed from the drug dealers, still," he says. "Like, why would you wait in a half-hour line to be told that there's nothing there?"

Later on in the morning, however, a security guard came out to inform those in line — and our reporter — that a new shipment of stock had arrived at the store.

As of noon Wednesday, the shelves are full at the downtown SQDC — or at the very least, they're fuller than they were.