The flags that lined Sherbrooke St. last summer cost $750,000 — and are now sitting in storage

Thursday marks Montreal's 376th birthday, but a pricey remnant from the city's 375th birthday party is still sitting in a warehouse, unused.

If you travelled down a one-kilometre stretch of Sherbrooke St. last summer, you may remember dozens of flags of the world lining the street near the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

192 of the flags represented the countries of the world, another 14 represented each Canadian province and territory, and one represented the city of Montreal. 

The man who came up with the idea, Claude Cormier, tells the Journal de Montréal that the 207 flags cost the city about $750,000, including the setup and takedown costs.

The flags were supposed to be displayed only for one summer, much like another one of Cormier's ideas — the idea of lining a stretch of Ste. Catherine St. in the Gay Village with multicolored balls.

The balls have been back every year since 2011, but Cormier told the paper he hopes the flags can come back every year, too.

A spokesperson for the city says the flags, and the metal posts that held them up, were taken down because it made snow removal impossible along that stretch of Sherbroke St.

She says the flags will be in storage for at least this summer, until the city decides what to do with them.