The kids have spoken: they like their sports centres

Young Montrealers really love their places to play, according to the way they voted on Sunday.

During Sunday's municipal vote, 19 polling stations allowed kids to cast ballots — not for mayor, but instead, to pick the city services that are most important to them.

1,001 kids, or 32.3% of them, picked arenas, sports centres and swimming pools. The second group of services, parks, playgrounds and green spaces, came in a close second, at 32.1% — just six votes short.

19.9% opted for buses, the metro and the train, while 15.8% picked libraries, recreation centres and concerts.

The pilot project is designed to familiarize children with the democratic process, and ultimately, to boost turnout figures when the kids are old enough to cast real ballots.

Just 42.4% of eligible Montrealers cast ballots in Sunday's election — down from 44% in 2013's municipal vote.