The new Champlain Bridge is coming by the end of the month. For real

It was originally supposed to be ready for last Christmas, then reports suggested today would be the day, but if you drove in to work from the south shore this morning you already know the new Champlain bridge remains closed.

"It's coming, it's coming," said Francois-Philippe Champagne, Federal Infrastructure Minister.

In December, his office promised delivery by the end of June, and while he would not provide a specific date, he says work is still on track to hit that target.

"Work is obviously underway and we are still committed to that (deadline)," he said.

The minister was adamant that the project would not be rushed to completion, and any delays are worth the wait for the sake of longevity.

"My priority, which should be the priority of any elected official is the safety of the workers," he said, "and making sure, secondly, of the permanency."

The bridge is expected to last 125 years and Champagne says he refuses to cut corners.

"(The workers) are delivering one of the biggest infrastructure projects in North America and I would say, the extra months we needed, I think people will be happy when they see the grand opening," he said.