The Pioneer closes July 21 with a final sendoff party

Now that The Pioneer is being sold and possibly turned into condos, a local promoter is throwing a final farewell party to the iconic Pointe Claire showbar.

Mitch Kastner said they were going to have one last bash late last month but then the rumour mill started spinning about the sale of the Pioneer Bar and its possible transformation into condos.

"There was just way too much negativity, they were getting attacked, and it just seemed not so great so we figured, let's try to end this on a high note and make things as positive as possible," said Kastner in an interview with CJAD 800.

Kastner said he started hanging out at the Pioneer Bar in the 80s - seeing live concerts such as tribute band Cleveland and eventually playing there himself. He said he then became good friends with the owners.

Kastner and his company LessThan4 have five or six bands lined up so far for the final sendoff, Thanks for the Memories Pioneer! on July 21. 

"We want everybody there for the same reason - to celebrate what is very soon going to become just a memory and maybe create a few great memories that night as well, rather than just drive by one day when it's no longer there and feel, Well, that's too bad," said Kastner.

Check out the Pioneer Pointe Claire Memories FB page for more information.