"There's always next year": dejected Habs fans take it in stride

It was a major disappointment for Habs fans as the team was bounced out of the playoffs in Game Six of the series against the New York Rangers.

Diehard fans tried to keep the hope alive with two minutes left to play, cheering, "Go, Habs, Go!" from their bar seats.

"Yeah, I scream pretty loud," said one woman wearing her white Canadiens jersey. "I kept the hope up. I have faith in my team."

But it was a short-lived rally, with some fans starting to stream out of the bars during the dying seconds of the game.

"It's puck luck. That's how hockey is, you get the right bounces, it goes in, if you don't, it doesn't go in," said another fan.

But the hardcore followers say they'll keep hoping for that elusive Stanley Cup.

"They've disappointed me, they've broken my heart for the last twenty years," said long-time fan Emerson.

"All we gotta do is look forward to next year."