Thieves target music memorabilia collector

Police are hunting the thieves who targeted a major music memorabilia collector in Quebec, a pharmaceutical company rep who lives in Cap Rouge, near Quebec City.  

Investigators aren't saying just what was taken from Richard Lapointe, and neither is he, but he has in the past indicated that his collection contained up to five-thousand items and was valued in the multi-millions.

Many of the items are related to musical superstars including the Beatles and Bob Dylan.  

Police also aren't saying when or how the items were taken, but shortly before the theft, Lapointe put one piece from his collection up for sale on Kijiji: a jacket worn and signed by Michael Jackson at the time in the early 80s that he was working with Pepsi.  Lapointe was asking 150-thousand dollars for it.  

Whether the Kijiji ad tipped off the thieves is part of the police investigation.