Think we'll get more snow this winter?

If you thought we were done with the snow this winter, think again.

Some Montrealers might be wondering if we're in for more of the white stuff after this week's jaw-dropping 40 centimeter or so snowfall.

Environment Canada said if history's any indication, it can certainly happen again.

"Some of the worst snow storms in Montreal's history have occured in April. I remember one about 17 years ago, almost as much snow this past week as you got on April the 9th in that year, 2000. So, I wouldn't put away the snow shovel quite yet", said senior climatologist David Phillips.

Phillips added, on average, we get roughly 30 cms of snow from this date on.

"I always think, till April's dead, change not a thread. We wish, we hope, we beg, we pray for winter to end, but it takes sometimes its sweet time", Phillips also said.  

By the way, spring officially arrives on Monday.