This morning's drive may be a little slippy

Many Montrealers woke up Thursday and did the freezing rain shuffle as they stepped out their front door.

Periods of freezing drizzle left many walkways, driveways, sidewalks and side streets with a thin layer of ice. Environment Canada issued a freezing rain warning for the Montreal and surrounding area calling for a few hours of freezing precipitation, totalling less than 5 millimetres, Thursday morning.

Side streets also proved to be a problem for many, as the areas with less traffic saw more ice buildup. The corner of Fenelon Blvd. and Dumont Ave. in Dorval proved tricky for one STM driver as his bus slipped off the road and onto the front lawn of one house on the corner.

Transport Quebec was busy overnight with a number of minor accidents as some motorists lost control in some icy patches on Highway 20, 40, 13 and more.

No injuries were reported overnight despite the increased number of accidents.