Thousands in overtime for Quebec summit

The Quebec City health network was left with a hefty bill to pay following June's G7 leaders summit in Malbaie, despite the federal government having budgeted more than $600-million to cover costs associated with the meeting. 

The federal cash went to pay for accomodations and meeting facilities, the massive security presence to protect world leaders, plus all the hospitalilty-trimmings that go along with hosting such a meeting.

However, in documents obtained through an Acces to Infomation request, the Journal de Montréal reports that Quebec City's healthcare network was left with a $415,000 dollar overtime bill for the summit. From June 7th to 10th, it's reported that no less than 7,500 hours of overtime was paid to employees. 

That's on top of costs associated with training hospital staff on how to handle things like the arrival of mass casualties or infections in the emergency room. 

There was a $74,000 bill for protective equipment like masks, gloves and clothing. Decontamination showers were also installed in all emergency room areas at a cost of almost $ 53,000. 

A large quantity of antidotes was also purchased to combat health threats from neurotoxins, but health authorities redacted how many drugs - and their associated costs - from the documents released under its Access law.