Tim Hortons poutine donuts amuse, disgust social media users before launch

A plan by Tim Hortons to offer poutine donuts at certain U.S. locations on Canada Day is drawing a mix of amusement and disgust online.

The peculiar treat, described by the company as a Canadian-inspired product, is a Honey Dip Donut topped with potato wedges, gravy and cheese curds.

Tim Hortons says the donuts, along with a maple-bacon ice cappuccino and maple Timbits, are a way to celebrate the Canadian coffee chain's origins.

The product is drawing a range of reactions, with some social media users saying that while they love poutine, slathering it on top of a donut is just a bad idea.

Others are open to actually trying one, but complained that the donuts are only being offered in the U.S.

And one person joked that poutine donuts are so unhealthy that they can't be sold in Canada.

``Tim Hortons will sell a poutine donut but only the in U.S. because Canadian medicare refuses to cover it,'' wrote one user on Twitter.

The company is selling poutine donuts for US$1.49 each.