Time to redraw flood maps, Legault says

Premier François Legault says now is as good a time as any to redraw flood maps — and to ban people from building in potential flood zones.

He's also calling for a halt to construction close to rivers and lakes.

Legault spoke at a Quebec City news conference on Tuesday to address the flooding situation, alongside his Public Security Minister, Geneviève Guilbault.

Meanwhile, Legault is also rejecting an idea put forth by Québec Solidaire to have an emergency debate in the National Assembly on the flood situation, saying there's no need for one.

"It's not time for committees, and commissions, roundtables and forums. It's time for action. And I think we have all the resources to have an action plan and make sure that we find permanent solutions," Legault said.

During the news conference, Legault also insisted the dike which failed in Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac had repairs scheduled for this coming fall, and that no one anticipated the dike would burst this time around, after holding back in 2017.

The town's mayor insited government crews build the dike higher following the 2017 floods, but says nothing had been done.