TMR twin sisters invent device aimed at saving babies left alone in cars

It's a Montreal invention aimed at saving lives.

We've all heard the stories of parents fogetting children in the backseat of cars on hot days resulting in fatalities.

Twin sisters from TMR have invented a device which alerts a driver when a baby's alone in the vehicle.

A baby seat and a cushion for the driver with sensors are connected by a wire.

An alarm goes off within seconds when only the baby is sitting.

One of the sisters, Marie-Pier Vermette Lacroix, spoke with CTV.

"The goal is to save the lives of the babies. But, also to prevent all those tragic case(s) that happened", said Vermette Lacroix.

A coroner's report into such a fatality in St Jerome 2016 mentioned the girls' project. 

The coroner wonders why such technology isn't in use to prevent such deaths.

The sisters want to improve their device and add the latest features.