Tories remove spoof Heritage Minute after complaint from Historica Canada

The federal Conservative Party has deleted an attack ad designed to parody Historica Canada's Heritage Minutes.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer tweeted the video, which says what it describes as "Liberal scandals" are "part of our Canadian heritage", earlier this weekend.  

In addition to references to several ethics scandals involving Trudeau and his cabinet — including some in which ministers have already been cleared of wrongoing, such as then-Health Minister Jane Philpott's use of a car service owned by a party volutneer.  The ad also features two clips of the Prime Minister at a loss for words.

The web video was also posted to Scheer's Facebook and YouTube pages, and was retweeted by the Conservative Party's official account.

That prompted a response early Sunday from Historica Canada, which firmly requested the ad be removed from Conservative social media accounts.

A statement on the fake "Heritage Minute" shared by @CPC_HQ and @AndrewScheer:

— Historica Canada (@HistoricaCanada) February 3, 2019

The nonprofit said that while they traditionally welcome parodies of their iconic Heritage Minutes, they “do not approve of them being used for partisan political purposes."

While the party complied with Historica's wishes, their communications director remained defiant, almost snarky, in a statement to CTV News.

"We realize the historical importance of Justin Trudeau actually being the first prime minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking ethics laws, and, as such, how that could be perceived as a real Heritage Minute", Cory Hann said.