Toronto City Hall sees massive art installation to commemorate Pride

June is LGBT Pride Month and the city of Toronto is marking the occasion with an historic show of support for sexual diversity among its citizens.

Massive banners showing images of LGBT couples have gone up inside Toronto's City Hall. Titled "Love Lives in this City", it's meant as a show of recognition of sexual diversity by Canada's largest municipal government.  

Photographer Adam Zivo is the executive director of the first-of-its-kind installation and says it marks a significant moment in the history of the city's LGBT community.  

"City hall is where decisions's a place of power. And it wasn't too long ago that governmental power wasn't on our side", he said in an interview with CJAD 800. 

While many Pride-related decorations and installations are traditionally limited to LGBT hotspots in cities, there has been a recent embrace of the practice by governments, as well, with the Pride flag being flown on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for the past three summers.

Zivo says the placement of this art installation increases LGBT visibility in a place where a wide cross-section of people are often present.

He added that it's emblematic of the significant progress the city has made in acceptance of LGBT people in recent years, saying, "40 years ago, [if you were a member of the LGBT community] you could be killed and no one would really care about you. And that's why I think that symbols like this are deeply important."

After the city's Pride festivities conclude at the end of June, the banners will be taken down from Toronto City Hall's rotunda and moved to new locations across the city.  Though their exact locations are still being determined, Zivo says his hope is to see them hanging in communities in the city where LGBT people have little visibility.