Traffic nightmares expected as we all hit the road Tuesday

There's no way around it, Tuesday could be one of the worst days for commuters trying to get around the Montreal area (not including days with crippling road closures due to accidents).

Students are back in school and everyone is back at work, meaning the already the already overcrowded roadways will be packed together like sardines.

To make a bad situation worse, new and ongoing roadwork projects (many of them major projects) will force lanes reductions, detours and some outright closures.

The source of most nightmares will likely be the start of the northbound Decarie Expressway, which will continue to see the same lane reductions that have been in place since July.

"There's basically only one lane [on Highway 15 north] through the Turcot Interchange and it just stays heavy onto Decarie to about Notre Dame," traffic expert Rick Leckner told CJAD 800s Ken Connors. 

The same work on Highway 15 has forced the closure of the Sherbrooke St. entrance and exit onto Decarie north, which Leckner said creates a terrible domino effect.

"Again, that affects the city streets," he said.

A number of those city streets will cause plenty of frustration for motorists as they make their way in to work. The city has at least 40 projects currently underway, including water main work on Notre-Dame between Frontenac and Bourbonnière, Robert-Bourassa from St-Jacques to Belmont, and Côte-St-Luc Road between Decarie and Bonavista.

City officials are advising motorists to leave at least 15 minutes earlier than normal and to check the Mobility Montreal app or website for the latest traffic information.

However, the reliability of Montreal's traffic information may cause more harm than good.

"Still improper information, incomplete information, wrong information on Info Travaux," said Leckner. "We tell people 'Go to the apps, check the apps' before you go out, but it's bogus because the information, as I say, is not as it should be."

In hopes of relieving some of the stress on Montreal's roads, the city's new Mobility Squad will be on, with inspectors, as of 5:30 A.M.