Transport Minister facing avalanche of criticism for handling of HW 13 mess

Following the mess that left hundreds of people, including some young children, stranded on Highway 13 for more than 13 hours during the big blizzard, Quebec Transport Minister Laurent Lessard is facing an avalanche of criticism. 

Both CAQ leader François Legault and Parti Quebecois leader Jean-François are calling on Premier Philippe Couillard to relieve Lessard of his duties as Transport Minister.

Lisee told reporters Lessard "showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not up to the task" to lead the Ministry of Transportation.

The PQ leader did not stop at the head, he wants a thorough investigation in to how, in an emergency situation, how more than 300 went ignored for so long.

"Nobody should go unpunished" Lisee said as he called for an external investigation. "We want know who said what to whom at what moment, and who did not do their job."

PQ MNA Pascal Bérubé, who was by Lisee's side curing the brief press conference, recalled the time when Transport Quebec's traffic cameras managed to capture images a snowy owl, but missed 300 vehicles trapped on a highway.